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Oct 6 2013, 01:11 AM
Sep 30 2013, 10:56 AM
These writers just don't get it. What keeps Y&R as the number 1 rated show is its availabilty to integrate the vets and newers characters into front-burner storylines. That show honors its veterans and its history. DAYS just "dusts them off" around the holidays. There is no reason for Doug/Julie, Laura/Bill, Justin/Adrienne, etc to not be included in storylines with the younger crowd....what a waste...
That's proof positive right there that u don't even watch Y&R.
Is there a show that really does do that? My thoughts are the only show that actually tries to do that at all is "The Bold and The Beautiful", and they aren't doing a great job of that. GH has it's moments, but then sends them to the back burner in mid story (Kind of like when "Days" started the started Kristen out to get John and Marlena, and obviously, she won and it sent that classic story into obliteration). I hate it when a story starts with potential, and then sinks and leaves you tainted.

The ONLY reason I liked the Kristen story at the start of the 2012 story is that she seduced Brady, and then felt conflicted. I liked seeing Kristen vulnerable, but then they have Marlena keep the secret from John, and John acting like an ass. I knew then the writers were playing a "GH", pulling back in a historic character, addressing the history of the character and her interactions with legacy vets, and then removing the older vets ASAP, for the sake of a "younger" story.

There really is no winner in daytime, but "Days" really, really, really screwed up when it didn't integrate John and Marlena, along with Stefano, for the long haul of this story. Has anyone seen the ratings for this show 1995-1999? This show was rocking, and it was "Days" second golden age (The first being the early to mid 70's) in terms of ratings and placement in the ratings (Personally, I loved the 1980's, but "Days" ratings in the mid to late 90's placed Days higher on the ratings bracket. Even though the ratings points in the 80's were higher, Days stayed in mid-pack).

Daytime Soaps have themselves and the Networks to blame. They have made their own coffin, and sealed their own fate.

Now we have Justin and Adrienne pushed out, because they were used as token characters.
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