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Oct 6 2013, 09:03 AM
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While Jack was not important to Kayla in the way she was important to him, she would never leave him to figuratively rot in hell, either. Especially after Steve's death, because he had loved his baby brother so intensely, Kayla almost inherited his concern over Billy Jack's well-being. She could have closed the door on rebuilding their relationship and probably should have then, but she allowed for him to be a part of Stephanie's life. Even when he died this last time, Kayla seemed genuinely upset over it.

Now I'm not saying that was the right approach in the writing; I certainly understand that her voice was ignored to benefit Jack. However, that was the story as told and I do admire her ability to care enough about someone who didn't deserve to be cared about by her, especially because Jack really did come to hate himself over what he had done, and it just made for interesting soap opera.
I think it was overdone, but it worked as long as it was something that was freely given by Kayla and not expected by Jack (or anyone else -- the Thanksgiving scene with Jo pushing everyone to hold hands has always pushed the envelope for me). The overtones around this story that her forgiveness might become an obligation in some way is where it doesn't work, for me. But I'm glad they are showing that the events still affects her.

Jennifer and Kayla's friendliness never really bothered me... Maybe because they were friendly before, and Jack and Kayla were already forming a weird kind of alliance during the Marina story when Jack and Jennifer were just getting involved.
The rape happened in early 1988, and that dinner scene in 1990 is actually one of my favorite scenes.

However, one thing I didn't like about it was Jo. Normally, I liked Jo, but sometimes she made me angry. This was one of those times, because she was so consumed by her wish for Jack to be part of the family that she lacked sensitivity toward anyone else.

This includes Steve. Steve was gonna stop that wedding. Jo stopped him for Billy's sake. So what if Steve was miserable? So what if Kayla was desperately unhappy? As long as Billy was getting what he wanted...she showed definite favoritism toward Jack, and I resented it sometimes, because I didn't see it as fine for everyone to dismiss their own feelings forever, twisting their lives around to make Jack happy.

Jack was a grown up. He wanted HIS dreams, his wishes. It was all supposed to happen for HIM. Everyone else was supposed to keep up the pretense. What would it do to Billy if they didn't? To heck with what it was already doing to Steve and to Kayla.

At the dinner, it was like she was blind to how difficult it was for Kayla. She was kind of oblivious. Of course, Kayla wasn't her daughter, just her daughter-in-law. She loved Kayla, but she wasn't at all sensitive to Kayla sometimes.
This is actually a realistic situation that women who were molested and raped by family, and close family friends go through.

The family want her to just forget about it, to just get over it. She's tearing the family apart with her dramatics, why must she drag the family name through the mud? She's probably lying or exaggerating, and he never would have done anything unless she caused it to happen anyway.

Oprah Winfrey was raped by a close family friend. Her family stayed close to him even after they found out about it. She talked of a time when she was making breakfast for everyone and he came over. The house was filled with tension, and if she refused to make him breakfast too it would cause a scene that she knew her family didn't want. She didn't want to cause stress for her family. She was filled with helpless rage as she cooked her rapist eggs because it would ruin her family's nice morning if she didn't.

:headbang: How the hell this show can interspace a realistic depiction of the pain a woman still feels thirty years after being raped once with scenes of a victim being romantic with her multiple rapist and expect the storyline to be taken seriously is far beyond my comprehension :wtf:
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