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This isn't the first time EJ has tried to get himself and his family out from under Stefano's thumb. Nobody should have a problem with Stefano's treatment of the kids, because he's good to them, when it comes to the day to day interactions. And I don't think you have to have possession of something for a certain length of time before giving it away becomes a sacrifice. If EJ won the lottery on Monday morning and used his winnings to buy Sami's freedom on Monday afternoon, that would still be a sacrifice.
Of the few times that Ej has tried to get away from Stefano, he's quickly gone back to being under Stefano out of his own accord. That I remember correctly, Stefano truly didn't have to hold a gun to his head to have Ej return to the fold, so while he's tried to do it before, he's never really succeeded and not because Stefano did something to oblige EJ, but because EJ wanted to be part of that again.

I don't consider what he did a huge sacrifice not because of the length of time but because he really didn't do much with what he had and it wasn't his to begin with. You know taking something from someone else and then being forced to return it is really not that big of a sacrifice..I don't consider him living with Stefano a sacrifice either...since that's where he pretty much has lived the majority of the time he's been in Salem. I would have seen a bigger sacrifice if Ej had worked real hard at building an empire of his own since Stefano disowned him. SOmething more legit and something that we actually SAW him work hard and long at acquiring....THEN he's forced to give THAT to Stefano in addition to the house and the power. Now THAT would be a true sacrifice, and it would have been even better if Sami had worked long and hard at buiilding that with him.....but to take something that was Stefano's away only to give it back in less then 6 months, living in the same house you lived in with Stefano before the take over, having Sami and the kids live there with you, when Sami actually didn't care about living there with Stefano a few months back to me doesn't constitute a sacrifice of any kind.

EJ went back to being under Stefanoīs tumb in 2008 because Sami pushed him away, he betrayed his father for her but when he thought she didnīt want him he didnīt have a reason to stay away from Stefano anymore. He has loved both Samantha and his father but when it comes down to it he chooses Samantha when given a choice.
Yes.....all the other times Stefano has been able to lure EJ back in had comes on the heels of what EJ felt was betrayal by Sami. Pushing him away, trying to give his kids to that idiot Rafe. With Sami on his side its going to be much harder to lure EJ to do anything that will jeopardize his family with Sami and their kids.

And its not the "stuff" that EJ gave up that made it a sacrifice. It was the pride and accomplishment he felt at having been able to gain it all in the first place. It wasn't the stuff EJ was giving to Stefano, it was a part of his soul and it was a huge sacrifice for him. Sami realized it EJ went to hell for her and she wasn't going to leave him alone in it.

And as far as Sami leaving after the first little grey thing EJ does for Stefano I don't think that will happen. To me the writing seems to be making it apparent that this time Sami knows she's marrying a "DiMera" and she accepts it.
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