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Brotherly Love

Oct 6 2013, 09:28 AM
While we're on the subject of Adrienne, why did Jo give Jack up, and not Adrienne?
Jo gave up Steve and Jack when Jack was just an infant in order to protect them from Duke. Adrienne had not been born yet.

Speaking of Jennifer's reaction and staying out of Kayla & Jack's past, how much do I love this scene? I think it's the first one where Jennifer and Jack implicitly reference the rape with each other. I love that Jennifer doesn't give him a pass.

There are a lot of discussions later on, of course, after Harper's death and when Jennifer is raped, but I believe this is the first time that Jack and Jennifer allude to what happened in the course of their relationship (which is, at this point, mentor/employee with a healthy dose of chem testing).

I really hope they follow up with Jennifer and Kayla on this, too, because it was always handled so respectfully on Jennifer's part in the past. Sadly to say, we see so much of pod-Jennifer lately that my fear is that they'll have her take Kayla's head off. I'll be very glad if they have a follow up discussion where they get to discuss it and it gets handled beautifully.

Edit: These scenes are about to send me back down the rabbit hole for this storyline all over again, and considering I just rewatched it a few weeks ago, that's saying something.
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