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Oct 6 2013, 01:06 PM
I think it definitely adds another layer for Kayla that it was Jack that did it. Baby Billy, all grown up and there now, the baby that Jo and Stevie had so loved and missed for all those years. What Duke did to Adrienne was awful...traumatic, and just so, so terrible. But she killed him that night...she had issues over having done THAT, but she didn't have to deal with HIM anymore. He was gone.

Kayla, however, because she loved Steve, and because she knew how much Steve had always loved Billy, tried to move past it enough in the months after it happened so that Steve could try to build a relationship with him. Right after Jack found out he was a Johnson, Steve and Kayla talked, and she told him she understood if he wanted a relationship with his brother...and in spite of everything that happened, there was a part of him that did want that. But Jack was such a jerk after finding out the truth that Steve decided he didn't WANT a relationship with him for quite awhile. I understood why Jack hated the whole idea, and why he hated Steve, but I also sure understood why Steve couldn't stand Jack, either.

But it's because Kayla, in the months and years following the rape, tried so hard to let Steve build something with his brother in spite of what Jack had done to her...I KNOW Jack eventually admitted he was sorry and took responsibility...did his best to make amends in every way he could...Kayla did forgive him...and I don't think all her feelings about him are negative anymore, but there would be no way for all her feelings to be positive either.

I hope she doesn't spend all her time this week apologizing over her slip. She doesn't owe apologies. She was a victim, and most victims don't have to hear their rapists praised like they're the most wonderful person ever, so to me, the slip was understandable.

An explanation of how the slip happened? yeah. That makes sense. A wish not to see JJ hurt as a result of finding out the truth about his dad because of her slip? Yeah.

But apologies? No way.
I always found interesting that both Steve and Kayla had a separate, ideal memory of Jack (or Billy) predating his introduction to the canvas; neither had actually had spent a whole lot of time with him beforehand (and Steve only had childhood memories of baby Billy), but show kept referencing back to those respective memories in contrast to his downward spiral of 1988. I feel like it made Kayla's forgiveness just a little more believable because she was shown to have actually liked Jack as a person once, and I thought including a backstory for them kept the story from being all about the brothers Johnson. You definitely saw her sacrifice her own feelings because of her love for Steve, but I think she ultimately forgave Jack for herself. That's just my take, anyway.
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