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S loves EJ

When I said that they wouldnīt let kids watch the sextape I was talking about the kids actors not kids as viewers. I donīt know if they ever made soaps with kids viewers in consideration they are not shows for kids. I was around eleven when I started to watch Dynasty and GH, and there was sex and violance so Iīm not sure if Days is worse now than what those shows was 20 years ago. I donīt think I had a problem watching but some kids are more sensitive than others so I think itīs up to the partens to decided if they should be allowed to watch. I donīt have kids but if I had a daughter aged 11 I probably would let her watch Days younger kids shouldnīt watch though, but I donīt think Days should take them in consideration either since they are not their age targets. I want the show to be able to show adult stuff.

Still there has been a lot of sex and violence this year so Days should write more romance on show, even if Ejami is romance to me.
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