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Sammie Jo
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Oct 7 2013, 08:11 AM
Thing I like about ol Vic is he always gets the best of U and you never see him coming. You think you have him over a barrel, he just says uh huh, then, later he one ups you yet again. LOL When he hollers "you got that"! Cracks me up. Nicki will whine about something, then, he will get tired of her and scream over her she'll shut her pie hole after that.
Lawdy, I miss the Colonade room ! all these rich people do is sit around cheap coffee shops and the G City hotel.
I 'm old enough to remember when Victurd would rent out the whole Colonade room just for him and Nicki and then present her with another diamond ring or bracelet and Jacque the French waiter would wait on them and be aptly rewarded. Those were the good ol' days. sniff, sniff.........LOL
yes! ITA with you! I love all the machinations he goes through in his schemes against jack or any business foe. It's diabolical.
I don't like the meddling he does in his kid's life, and according to an interview with EB, EB doesn't like it either.
Nikki, can be such a drama queen.
I remember the colonnade room and Jacque, those were the days.
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