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Sammie Jo
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Oct 7 2013, 01:55 PM
yeah, if your a billionaire and have your own jet would you be caught dead in Dylan's coffee house or even the upper middle class G C Hotel ? There must be a nice , chic place in G city, Wis. for the money set to hang out. What about Nick in that tacky one room tack house? He got a half billion dollars when he sold out victor and he's still living in the Newman compound. Those poor little kids live like refugees. LOL Just sit home and watch movies and eat popcorn all the time. These people never vacation or shop. Sharho steals all the time, if you call that shopping, books, jewelry, etc. I'd live it up :whooohooo:

If I was rich like any of them, I'd be traveling all the time.
Nick needs to move out of the stables or at least get some decent furniture and for crying out loud, change the damn locks so Sharon isn't always bringing her psycho ass over unannounced.
I don't get him living so far from town when he has a business in town, although, it seems like over the years they must have moved the ranch, because I remember in the beginning, the ranch was in BFE and it took an hour to get to town. Now they just bop into town in 10 minutes. lol
Jack lives in the family home but he got that by default, but it needs a makeover, even jill, fought Katherine for 1/2 of the mansion, she always called it the mausoleum, I wonder if she'll redecorate? At least Billy & Victoria thankfully got new furniture.
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