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Oct 7 2013, 11:11 PM
This show is crazy good now minus miki and mava. Can someone put a muzzle on Carly, she is so annoying. Her Michael favoritism is showing, Michael did nothing wrong. :eyeroll: Wait now Britt's baby can sit up? :wtf: I cheered also when Robin knock out Dr. O. I liked Robin interaction with her and Jerry. Glad to have Robert back, Robin's alive, he will be instrumental in rescuing her with Anna. I feel nothing for the new Lulu and it seem the actress is falling flat in her scenes.
I've been liking Carly a lot, but she clearly favors Michael over Morgan. Her "We raised them differently, but love them equally" completely rang hallow to me. Hell yes, Michael did wrong! Why do none of these people have a problem with him trying to steal his brother's girlfriend? And really, the real Carly I know would be up in Kiki's face for lying and severing her sons' relationship.

I found it so funny when Britt's baby, who was born around September 10th, was sitting up in the stroller. :eyeroll: Baby Connie is also huge for being less than 2 months old.
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