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Oct 7 2013, 11:24 PM
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Oct 5 2013, 04:17 PM
When Laura Horton tried to commit suicide by hanging herself during the height of her mental instability in the late 70's.
This is stuff that on one talks about because it has never been re-aired. I would love to see 70's DOOL (Im 26 years old). I have always thought they could give Jennifer a mental illness storyline after this JJ story reaches a climax/turning point. It could be great.

Can you tell us anything else about that storyline or scenes? What did they show to allude to that? Must have been pretty risque for that decade in daytime.
Laura's mental health started deteriorating after she had Jennifer. It probably would be considered post-partum depression now. Then Laura believed Bill was having an affair with Dr. Kate Winograd and that set her off even further. Laura was treating Julie for depression around this time (after Julie was burned badly). She was telling Julie she (Julie) had nothing to live for and would be better off dead, while telling Doug to act like there wasn't a problem with Julie being scarred (this lead to Julie divorcing Doug).

Laura's mother had committed suicide and she started to imagine seeing her and hearing her. She believed her mother was encouraging her to kill herself. This happened shortly after Laura put toddler Jennifer on a bus by herself. Laura was standing on a stool or chair ready to hang herself with her mother's voice taunting her when Bill found her in time. She was committed to a sanitarium and Bill and Jennifer were soon written out.

Of course, this story was changed in the 90s and it was said that Laura had a breakdown after Bill had an affair with Kate Roberts. :hmmph:
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