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Sammie Jo
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Oct 8 2013, 09:36 AM
I blame the hair and make up people on that set. Victurdia,starves herself to death just so she can wear sweats at home. Nicki, looks like 20 lbs. of potatoes in a 5 lb. sack. Her 'girls' hang about like mine, pull those critters up, mom. Chelsea, is the best looking one on there. Best she looked was on her wedding day. When I come back I want those brown eyes........I'm stuck with green....... I hope Jill stays gone all that Flintstone jewelry must had finally pulled her down to the ground. Those rocks she wore was like boulders I got out in front yard for decoration.
MTS is gorgeous, but you're right, she usually looks like they stuff her into a dress two sizes too small. She looks so uncomfortable most of the time.
I think Jills jewelry, (lmao off @ flintstone boulders) is being worn to distract from how much weight she's put on. Honestly, I think she's on her way out, either by her choice or JFP's, but I really don't look for her to be around much longer.
I guess Devon would get the mansion, he's the only one with enough money to keep it up.
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