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Oct 8 2013, 06:23 PM
Oct 2 2013, 03:25 AM
Sep 26 2013, 11:35 AM
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I just can't contain my freaking excitement. GH is soooo good now! I just can't believe it. You see what happens when they don't tape ridiculously ahead of airing.....the show is really just very, very good now. I clearly can't find many faults with the writing...they are using the majority of their cast and I just want to truly say that I'm glad that GH at least is able to turn the tide quickly when something doesn't seem to be working. It's the benefit of taping only a month before it airs....the return of Franco made the show unwatchable to me....but they quickly shifted the focus and came back with a major fan fave return that makes absolute sense in this story. I'm glad they are actually showing that Patrick loves Sabrina. Might not like the couple all that much, but I can't say that the writing has been awful....now what happens? So soapy...and the Spixie stuff so quickly... amazing Lante are going to have a huge falling out with Maxie and Spinelli....it'll be exciting to watch how they deal with this....and I'm still thinking that Britt's kid is Lante's...but they will likely hold onto that for a reveal sometime in Feb or something....that kid is bound to need something from it's true parents.....clear sign that something was up was when it was born and immediately it had 'problems'
I agree.. The Baby Bree delivered is Lante's.. BUT :drunk: I Dont think she knows it .. I think she truly believes it her child.. Considering her MOTHER was in Charge, I guess something happened with the original embryo, and Obrecth used Lante's instead..

Excited for Robin's return..No WAY even if she likes Sabrina will she let her family go
Have no clue about Spixie/Ellie/Baby or how that plays out.

LOTS Of Drama to come :cheer: :popcorn:
Who's Bree though?
I think they meant Britt?
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