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S loves EJ

The Scorpion
Oct 8 2013, 04:35 PM
Oct 7 2013, 02:04 AM
Chad’s lie about having a brain tumor may have fatal consequences.
Sami points out to Stefano that if Chad dies, it will be on his hands.
Daniel and Eric decide to see what’s on the flash drive Parker found in the park.

Jennifer and Abigail have an unsettling encounter with a scheming Theresa.

EJ is stunned when Sami makes an unexpected decision about their wedding leading to a serious conversation about their relationship and future.

Jennifer unleashes all her anger at Theresa and attacks her!
Spoilers sounds good :) One thing only if Sami gets cold feet and yada yada, it's same old like always and not particularly amusing, but Hey maybe EJ can move on with Abby after Chad is gone? Let me say this EJ is a character who could easily move forward with a new challenge, I know that the show has written constant that Sami is the love of his life but the same old song is tiring, and either they write fully for EJami or they can let the character EJ move on with a new woman he's far too sexy to be wasted on tiresome stories that are reheated. Just a thought :) And I like EJami I definitely think they have the best chemistry when it comes to couples on this show. But I'm not interested in seeing a EJ begging . And why does it always turn around what Sami thinks?

I donīt think itīs strange that Sami probably will get a little cold feet after the shooting, especially since she has small children to think about, but once Ejami have a serious discussion she will realize that she shouldnīt let what happend stop her from marrying the man she loves. :wub: I donīt think EJ will have to do any begging.
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