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Oct 9 2013, 10:01 AM
Oct 9 2013, 09:33 AM
Brady is such a moron. I cannot believe just how stupid he gets over a woman. Especially Kristen after everything she has done. :shame: . He may he pretty to look at, but I will never be able to take him seriously after this.
My problem with this character is not that he is blindly in love with Kristen. OK, I may be biased there because I love her too ;). Regardless. It's just embarrassing that this is the only thing he does since December 2012 (besides speaking chinese, of course :D ). I think if he was involved in some other s/ls this would have a good influence on the character which has now become one layered.
Brady has been stupid about women since 2008 though, hasn't he?

I still don't understand how John & Marlena's son is so fickle about women, considering his parents have this legendary example set for him. John settled for Kristen when he believed he could never have Marlena (and he truly did believe that he could never have her), but Brady jumps from one to another and declares them all soulmates before a day has even gone by. Also, Brady was 4 when Kristen was around. His parents even survived HIM for crying out loud, LEARN FROM IT.
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