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Oct 9 2013, 08:53 PM
Oct 9 2013, 05:45 PM
And I hope JJ doesn't sleep with Theresa, I like his little thing with Bev. They're cute together :$
Oh I love JJ/Bev. They are very cute but it doesn't feel like the show is really invested in them. Of course my preference would be that JJ & Theresa don't sleep together but I won't totally hate it if they do. For one, Jennifer's head would explode. And since Jennifer doesn't come across as even remotely sympathetic to me, her head exploding over JJ/Theresa is a major plus. And secondly, Theresa has shown herself to have a soft spot for JJ. She gave money for a hotel room when he asked her for help. That's more than his own family did for him. I wouldn't mind if they explored this soft spot further, show us a softer side to Theresa.
I don't think she should sleep with him, especially if it's just to use him to get back at Jennifer. She's already toyed with him sexually to get drugs from him and he figured out that she was just messing with his head. I'm glad he wised up to her manipulations and I really don't want to see him fall for that again. She's already demonstrated that unless you have money or drugs she has no use for anyone, really, so the only reason she would have to sleep with him is to hurt Jen.

I do like the idea of them living together, that would be of their mutual benefit to torture Jen. They could even give the illusion that they were sleeping together. That I could buy into. :cheer: However, if she does sleep with JJ just to hurt Jenn, she is joining the list with Daniel. I don't care whose legacy child she is and what her excuse is. JJ's just a vulnerable kid and the last thing he needs is someone to use him like that just to further her agenda.
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