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I'm not surprised about Sami's decission at all to not want to marry EJ thats my guess about her decission she doesn't love him and and shes already cheating on him and has been all along and wants Lucas and Rafe too her reaction to getting married was not a happy either time and rolling her eyes at saying she loves EJ when she doesn't is telling.

Plus its all a lie and Sami doesn't love EJ shes been coming on to Lucas again for awhile everytime they share scenes together,she just recently did with Rafe yesterday so something tells me shes not over Lucas or Rafe and wants something with one of them just by the way she reacts around both them and the fact shes been holding hands with Lucas,caressing Lucas cheek,checking Lucas out and also rubbing his arm and standing a doorway with Lucas with Lucas having his arm around her,let Lucas kiss her hand,has blocked a doorway to keep him from leaving,and the way she was looking at him too and now most recently getting jealous of the Rafe scenario too tells me Sami isn't that excited about marrying EJ and would rather not marry anyone him and if she did I predict she would continue to cheat on EJ even afterwards and would continue to sneak around behind his back and will wind up sleeping with Lucas or Rafe and have an affair she doesn't want to end with that person and doesn't care if EJ breaks up with her.

Thats my prediction that Sami is going to repeatedly cheat on him and not be happy with him and will want out of this and shes going to cheat on EJ and not care that she does and won't care if he breaks up with her.

Kate mentioning the gun thing makes me wonder if Sami will wind up using the gun on Stefano or EJ or both them for Kate mentioned carrying again and maybe Sami does or maybe EJ gets violent towards Sami again since he has been bullying her a lot lately and their has been manhandling going on again and she has no choice but to use the gun on EJ where Sami winds up protecting herself from him if he goes to get violent toward her again.
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