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Bright Eyes
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Oct 10 2013, 07:49 PM
I'm still playing catch up on September but this doesn't shock me. I figured we'd be losing Kane and Ash either here or in the blast.

Biggest problem with Hollyoaks these days is they don't have characters anymore, only models with no stories waiting for their contracts to expire so they can crack America. Callum's had nothing to do for over a year. He wasn't even slightly affected by Maddie's death.
Kirkwood's favourtism is so clear in how he writes that characters with amazing potential like the Kanes are only used for plot purposes when it suits him. In fact, he really has shit a lot on the Kanes since he started which is quite sad for me because Smithwick was building them up quite well. And Martha/Carli Norris always perks up any scene she is in.

Heck, even with characters he does like the pacing of stories is still so awkward, like the recent Darren/Sandy reveal.

And if he is really stupid enough to kill of Dodger, I will be so fucking livid.
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