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On The Bold and the Beautiful, while many were suspecting that Wyatt was the responsible party for blowing up Hope and Liam’s relationship (by making sure that a video made by Liam for his beloved Steffy got into Hope’s hands), it actually turned out to be mamma Quinn who did the deed! Now with their engagement broken off, and Hope and Liam’s relationship on the fritz, this is the perfect opportunity for Wyatt to sweep Hope off her feet! Will she take a chance on love with the other Spencer brother?

On-Air On-Soaps caught up earlier this week with Kim Matula (Hope) at the CBS Daytime After Dark benefit for Stand Up To Cancer to get her thoughts on exactly where Hope’s head is at! Here’s is what the oh-so-funny and beautiful Kim shared with us!

I talked to all your men recently … Scott Clifton (Liam) and Dain Brooks (Wyatt). (Laughs) They said, they think you like this story where now Hope is torn between two guys! So, do you like the story?

KIM: She does! I do! (Laughs) There you have it right in the face! (Laughs) I am so not bored at all. I did the fighting for the man for like three years! This is totally new for me, and a challenge.

This week on B&B, there was a big manipulation pulled by none other than Wyatt’s mom, Quinn (Rena Sofer)! Didn’t she screw Hope’s relationship up royally with Liam with that little video that Liam made for Steffy?

KIM: Look, Hope said from the beginning to Liam, “I don’t care who the hell sent me the video. The point is you made the video, and that is wrong!” The video is like a tribute/ love video between Liam and Steffy. And Liam made that for Steffy right before he was about to marry Hope! And, Hope is like, “Are you kidding me?” Hope got all pissed. I think she saw this as an out, saying to herself, “I am super intrigued by this Wyatt guy, so I am going to take it!” So, thank God! She is doing something good for herself, finally. (Laughs)

So, how is Darin Brooks to work now that you have had the opportunity to play scenes with him for several months?

KIM: Oh, my gosh. Darin fits into our silly little cast so phenomenally. It’s amazing. He is one of us. He was one of us in the audition room. He is perfect.

Scott Clifton said he wants Liam now to be completely down in the dumps and devastated that he lost the girl … for once! Would you also like to see Liam hit rock bottom?

KIM: Yeah, new is always good, and that hasn’t happen yet, so why not? Maybe, Hope can nurse him back to health? (Laughs)

So what do you think B&B fans, ready for Hope to find true love with Wyatt? Do you think Liam is out of the picture for now? Would you like to see Liam hit rock bottom? Share your thoughts below!

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