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While his henchmen held EJ for him, I believe.

Back on topic, I love the part of EJ that can be a total jerk when someone is threatening his family. It's part of his charm for me and thus I enjoyed his scenes with Cameron and Chad. It may be partly because I don't care at all about Cameron and I love Chad. :P
That's what I love about EJ...he loves his family and if you mess with them, he'll cut you!!

For all the work Cameron did in the scene he might as well have been a cardboard cut out.
Just seeking clarification which member of his family does he love ?

He's pretty much screwed all of them over at one time or another.
And would do so again in a heartbeat. EJ doesn't need a reason to cut anyone, family or not. This mission he's on to protect Chad's lies has nothing to do with family love and everything to do with EJ loving to push his weight around and showing off his ugly side to an impressionable young Chad, teaching him how to lie and deceive. I'm glad Chad gets shot and that their lies can come back to bite them in the ass.
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