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Oct 12 2013, 11:56 AM
Oct 12 2013, 08:37 AM
Oct 11 2013, 09:21 PM
Yeah the intent is to make Jordan look as unappealing as possible...very plain Jane...so that when the ugly duckling transforms into a beautiful swan Rafe will be left drooling....
On this subject, the new hairdresser has already started making her look better. Her hair looks more conditioned and shiny and the color is richer, which they really should have held off on doing until later. Although at 30, this woman is really too old for this role. I could see a sixteen year old not realizing what Chloe was working with until it was in their face, but Rafe is too old to be confused about Jordan's looks.
I agree about the new hair/makeup guy....I don't think Rafe is confused about her looks though, I just think this is who she's always been. Maybe we'll get to it soon, but I don't think she's ever been glamorous. She strikes me as the type that devoted herself to school and then to her job after school. She's never worn much make up, she's never been considered ugly though, she's no ghoul girl for sure but I don't think it's even the same story. If I wrote it as she would find herself falling for Rafe she'd do things to her appearance just to impress him.....but maybe she is looking this way because she wants to hide from her past...that could also be the angle here....maybe she died her hair the richer brown to get away from the blonde she use to be. Maybe she put on glasses again and took off the contacts everyone in her past was use to seeing her with. Maybe the lack of make up is a way to disguise herself from the dolled up person she was in a previous life. I stil think there is enough they can do to make her interesting, at least to make the story interesting.
I don't have an opinion on whether or not Rafe is confused about Jordan's looks, since the story hasn't covered the transformation yet, but I do have a feeling he's going to suddenly realize she's pretty, which will be ridiculous. I do agree that Jordan could become interesting. She's not a failed character, yet, but if they don't do something with her soon, she will be. Right now they're making the same mistake with her that they did with Madison - she's not allowed outside of her own story, and Kate and Rafe are filling the roles of Sami and Brady.
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