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Oct 12 2013, 01:46 PM
S loves EJ
Oct 12 2013, 05:28 AM
The Days numbers are the same as they were a year ago when they were going in a Safe direction, or when Safe was together, so no couple makes or breaks the ratings.
Thank you. Safe and Ejole - and they were actually worse. But back then it was the writers' fault.
I have to say that EJole hardly got screen time then. TPTB even seem to be reluctant to put them in spoilers,I remember because some of us use to complain about that back then. As far as I am concerned EJ's best pairing was Nicole. He never came across as pathetic as he does now. Any good writing for Ejole never lasted very long before they tore them apart to put EJ back in Sami's orbit for the umpteenth time, then it was that constant boring triangle being forced down our throats again. Sami was still getting a lot of screen time back then too. Much more than Nicole.

Personally, I think Sami is the problem with the parings of EJami, and Safe. Both pairings are incredibly boring, although to me, Safe is more tolerable than Ejami. It has gotten to the point where I cannot stand to watch anything to do with Samantha Gene Brady in it, or listen to anyone talking about her. I only watch Nicole scenes now but, the way they are writing this show, I think I am about to stop watching all together.
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