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This is exactly the reason why I cannot care one bit about the storyline. The problem is that this storyline is based on the assumption that Rafe could be the center of one, individual storyline. When the fact is, he cannot. Rafe is a supporting character. He does not have the legacy to be the lead in the storyline. That's why the storyline worked better when it was with Sami and Carrie, because the audiences knew them and cared about them. Now, the show is trying to tell us Jordan is the newbie and Rafe is the one we should know and care about. But the problem is I don't. The only character I care about this storyline is Kate. And for that reason alone I want her out of it.

Haven't seen this point made so succinctly until now. I realize I'm not exactly what you would call an 'impartial observer' seeing as Kate is above and beyond my favorite character on the show and always has been, but what little impartiality I can muster tells me that Rafe is not 'center of storyline' material. And Kate, with her 15+ years in Salem, should not be relegated to circling his bland orbit in an effort to make this even blander storyline happen.

Sigh...as always with DAYS, let me watch while I :drunk:
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