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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Oct 13 2013, 02:53 PM
S loves EJ
Oct 13 2013, 12:22 PM
Bringing up that the ratings were the same when Safe was a couple is relevant to this weeks ratings, since there were posts implying that the bad ratings was Ejamiīs fault. Nicole being EJīs second choice is off topic though but itīs not against the rules to go a little bit off topic if it can be kept civil. It shouldnīt take over the thread though and that is why I said we were getting off topic in a post above.
I think people only bring it up because wasn't the whole point of having EJ and Sami together that their enormous popularity would bring the ratings up so high it would be worth the required WTF associated with the rewrite of history.

They were supposed to be the couple that would make the show more popular.

Show seems pretty consistent in numbers... they'll have good weeks when there is some story resolution and then bad weeks when there are endless weeks of filler.
Exactly! that to me is the biggest issue, that they can't keep the pace up throughout the year...they only seem to do it around sweeps and then nothign for months on end.

IMHO bringing up who's second, first, third choice is irrevelant...because let's be realistic here....Sami might have been depicted as Ej's first choice throughout the years, but Ej hasn't been depicted as Sami's first choice until this year and even then, fans can spin it another way very easily.....their relationship hasn't been reciprocal throughout....and just because it is now doesn't mean that it will be like that tomorrow....Sami cheated on Rafe, her husband that she loved sooooo much in the span of an hour.....she can certainly through Ej under the bus, or he can do the same to her in the span of an episode also....it might not happen now but to think they are solid now just because of the writingTODAY is really unrealistic.
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