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I've been lurking on the board for years but I had to join to weigh in on this!

The suspense of the Salem Stalker back in 2003 had me glued everyday and I couldn't miss a day. That being said, I think the scariest was Maggie being killed by the wine bottle. And then Mickey coming to try and save her and he was also attacked. They were always one of my favorite couples, so to see them be terrorized was gut-wrenching to me. The whole incident at their house scared me to death while watching it.

And as a kid growing up in the 90s, Marlena's possession was eerie as well, especially when she had her final standoff with John in the morgue and she was tossing him around everywhere.

Now that I think about it, not that this was particularly "scary" per se, but after all the Salem Stalker murders took place, Marlena was revealed to the town as the culprit and she had no idea of what ha happened. I just remember her being so dumbfounded and her telling John that she still loved him and you could see the fright in her eyes... Again, not really scary, but it must have been scary to realize to Marlena that she herself could possibly carry out these murders.
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