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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
I don't find the story boring. I think it's interesting to actually see a character go through a trauma and then struggle through recovery. So many times they have shootings or surgeries and bam! the character is off and running as if nothing ever happened. I give them props for taking the time to actually give Rafe's rehab a more realistic touch. I'm also in favor of this hard nosed physical therapist coming in and working Rafe while trying to keep up a wall between them. Chrishell said Jordan is hiding a past and didn't come to town to find a man. Her focus is on her job and that's what's been shown. It's a good foundation.

It sounds as if the frustration is in the lack of progression for Jordan. I think as the story unfolds and we see more and more of Jordan's real personality and less of the clinical robot presented currently interest in her will increase. Knowing her back story will help viewers care about her. I'm willing to see where it goes because even though she hasn't been given much time and as blunt as Jordan has been, I feel the moments where they have had her connect with Rafe are genuine. I like their look and I like their chemistry as a pair.
I believe there are other forces at work that are keeping Rafe and Jordan at snails pace.

Stupid Days.

It's possible and even beneficial to have more than 4 couples on the show.
Remember the days when there where multiples of stories and couples ebbing in and out. They were good.

Here's a thought. Pick up the speed for...

Rafe and Jordan,
Nicole and Eric,
Lucas and Autumn,
Stefano, Cecily, Kate
Victor and Maggie
Gabi and Nick / Cameron
Marlena and long distance John

Give them all mini storylines something independent to do other than concern themselves with the love lives of Sami and EJ, Daniel and Jennifer, Will and Sonny and Kristen and Brady.
And may I add, resolve the Bo/Hope issue once and for all?
Knew I had forgotten someone.

Or even just have Hope enjoying companionship of someone else and feeling attracted to them but feeling guilty about it because of Bo.

Just some discussion of the situation,.....
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