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Kayla's first Steve fantasy is hands down my favorite, mostly because it's the first time we know for sure that he intrigues her in a sexual way as well as a human one. We can see, building up to that moment, that she's looking at him differently, but is it just friendly? Is she really letting herself think of him as a man and not a guy in need that the tender-hearted Riverfront clinic nurse can help.

Oh, that was a delicious fantasy. So very sexy.

Another fantasy I liked, although it was so emotionally tangled that it doesn't quite count as a true fantasy, was the time he's just had an encounter with Britta, who at that point is still able to knot him up inside, and he's suffered an emotional loss after finding his friend shot to death on the pier. (Loved that pier). He's picturing Britta touching his bare chest, and her face starts flashing back and forth with Kayla's until he finally settles on Kayla as the woman whose touch he really needs. That's the point, I believe, that things with Britta truly end for him, even though they have one more sexual encounter after that. And I think that flashback was deliberately pieced together the way it was to provide viewers with that visual clue. Steve and Britta are done. Steve and Kayla have begun.

There's very little about that storyline prior to their first kiss that wasn't darned near perfectly conceived and executed. For the daytime medium, its consistency and continuity was remarkable, at least for those first six months.
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