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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Oh look, Ejami has reached Fetch levels of ridiculous breakups and makeups.....

You know if you've watched Days for any good length of time you'd know that Sami and every female does this shit around the time she is going to get married. There is always something that gives her or the guy cold feet. The show somehow thinks of this as drama, so that they can get back together and either elope or plan a large lavish wedding that will end in disaster anyway. Please show just take me out of my misery and send these two morons off to Vegas to elope and while on their way to Vegas the plane crashes and they aren't found....I could use a 6 mo to a year rest of this repetitive cycle.

I suspect that Sami tells Ej that she spoke very seriously with her dad and he has very valid concerns and she's starting to believe that maybe marrying him isn't the best decision she's made. That Stefano was responsible for Chad getting shot in a roundabout sort of way and that them and the kids face the same fate...yada..yada...he'll scream, and yell, flap the arms and do a little teapot and then she will go back to him anyway a day later, tell him she is marrying him regardless and then say the words of doom, 'Nothing will ever, ever tear us apart again, Ej'....

I'm over these two idiots.....give me something new and different please.
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