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I can't believe that they wrote Cameron as such a simpering, backbone-less mess with EJ. I could see him standing there and taking EJ's verbal onslaught with a smirk, or even a look of fear. But the way EJ grabbed the back of Cameron's neck? Are you kidding me? I'm guessing that at this point, it was clear that Cameron was being written off the show, and they figured they'd sacrifice his manhood to give EJ a little extra DiMera juice. If Cameron were sticking around, I'm sure the direction of that scene would've been different. Either way, bullying EJ can't get smacked down soon enough.

As for Rafe, he's quickly become one of my favorite characters again, calling Sami/EJ/Stefano out on their varying degrees of bull and nonsense. His line about wanting to leave the party before he would "hurl" crystalized his character's status for me as the normal everyman speaking truth to power. I'm also fine with Rafe carrying a story (and a potential romance) all on his own. I disagree with the notion that he is a supporting character. To me, he is to this first half of this decade what Roman Brady was to the first half of the 1980s: a hero cop with a nemesis (trade Stefano for EJ) who was introduced in order to protect the show's leading lady (trade Marlena for Sami). I have a suspicion that Sami/Rafe is where the pendulum will swing back to next, but with plenty of complications featuring Kate and Jordan. They are already sowing the seeds of EJami's demise. We can assume that as EJ gets sucked back into Stefano's world, his relationship with Sami will slowly be sacrificed, and Rafe will be the one to go after EJ. I for one cannot wait. I hope that Rafe yanking EJ's tie unexpectedly is just the start of EJ the smug bully being put in his place.
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