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i think what is scary is influenced how old we were when we watched the show. When I was a kid, I remember watching during the Salem Slasher story of 83-84. I still remember vividly being creeped out by Delia screaming with bloody hands after Renee's murder. And the images of the Roman and Eugene masks in the Slasher's hidden room with the hollowed-out eyes. I'm sure there were others from that time, but that story creeped me out as a child.

From more modern times, popular answers like Vivian burying Carly and Marlena's possession didn't scare me too much, if at all. I think the last time I felt the show was scary was in the first three months of the Salem Stalker storyline. Maybe it's because we knew that legacy characters were being killed off, and it added to the emotion of it. I think the height of the fright was Maggie's Halloween murder. The mood was so dark and so perfectly set from the murders of Abe and Jack. It was put together really well.
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