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I don't understand why Marysol isn't a full time housewife. She's on just as much as she ever was in Seasons 1 and 2. The only thing we're not getting to see is her business anymore. From what I hear, that's the reason she didn't want to return for Season 3 as a full time housewife. However, is that really necessary for her to be full time? I mean, instead of working at her firm, promoting Miami events and such, Marysol's Season 3 storyline could've just been about dealing with Elsa's illness and recovery. Since we're seeing a lot of it, anyway.

It's just odd. Marysol gets interviews. She was included in the wedding promo. Yet, she's not a housewife. Ana isn't considered a full time housewife either, but she doesn't get interviews, nor was she included in the wedding promo before the season premiered. It's strange.
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