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Oct 14 2013, 05:15 PM
Oct 14 2013, 03:07 PM
EJami is boring. :sleep: It's long overdue they move on.
Yes, but to what? Safe? Lumi? Ejole?

I'm personally sick and tired of all the above. Lumi had 10 years, though they are my second favorite, Safe were on for about five and they were the most contrived boring couple ever, Ejole were on and off about five years and Nicole was EJ's doormat. The merry round and Sami's flavor of the month has to stop IMO. It's getting to the point where no one cares anymore who Sami is with, and she's one of my favorite characters. At least if she marries EJ there is a lot of story potential - like the Salem police consulting with the mob when their self righteous policing fails.

I share the frustration with the show, this making up and breaking up of the couples is boring, and viewers are losing interest. Though one couple doesn't make or break the show, in the past viewers tuned in to see Bope, Payla, Jarlena, all of which had beautiful writing that kept viewers interested and coming back for more. They tuned in to watch romance, so I believe that couples are important, and viewers do tune in for them. The storylines written around them were interesting too. All that is gone now.
Well, hello to your gorgeous avi!
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