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I won't get to watch it until atleast tomorrow when the torrents go up, but yeah. I can completely agree without even seeing it. Everything about Adrianna is fake.

Fake marriage. Fake wedding. Wouldn't you have your real friends stand up for you at your "holy ceremony" or whatever, not people you're aquainted with only through a reality show? You could argue there was history between Adrianna, Alexia and Ana prior to the show but there's no getting around Lisa's inclusion. Given how much she talks shit about her she clearly doesn't consider Lisa a real life friend.

This is why for all the shit Joanna gets you can tell she atleast means this. (They need to wait until they sort out their intimacy issues imo, a certificate isn't going to make that any better!) Lisa being a bridesmade was a complete after thought to her real people -- as it should be, and seemed like she did it only because she kept asking about it. Her mom's there and happy, not rolling her eyes of embarassment like Adrianna's child accessory err son.

I didn't mention it last week but Lisa standing up to Ana had to be my favourite moment of the season. Love her. (Awkward shoehorning into weddings aside)

Marisol seems to be playing the same game as Alexia last year. The whole I have someone to care for so I can't be around yet I'm going to be in every episode and at every party stirring shit. It soured me on Alexia and it's not doing Marisol any favours for me either. In general it shocks me how everyone has rallied over to the dark side when it comes to Lea -- Housewife logic is usually to gravitate to the popular wife before a new season starts but here they're doing the opposite. It was pretty obvious from season 2 that Joanna/Lisa/Lea were the favourites. Ask Ana ...
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