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Brotherly Love

Daniel will always suck unless they a) give him some type of history that isn't egg-baby ludicrous, b) give him a personality that doesn't involve standing there while everyone around him sings his praises, and c) give him some complexity, layers and people around him that call him on his shit whenever he screws up.

Think about every plot point on the show lately. With the exception of Ejami antics (where you could insert Sami there into the Daniel role), you can easily fill in the phrase "to make Daniel look good" or "and Daniel saves the day" at the end of a summary of the plot point and it would fit.

Everyone hates a goddamned Mary Sue, and that's all Daniel is. Good characters are flawed, complex, struggling and striving to do better. He's none of those things. And the writers need to learn how to show instead of telling - you can shove 80 characters down my throat telling me how awesome Dr. HandsInHisPatients'Pants is, and I ain't gonna buy it if I haven't seen it for myself onscreen.

I don't know a ton about Shawn Christian as an actor, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he's up to it. But even if he isn't, unequivocally the major problem with Daniel Jonas is the writing for the character is total crap.
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