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Sep 8 2013, 07:28 PM
My Christmas wishful thinking scene.... Camera pans to Lucas swapping spit with some random chick under the mistletoe at the town square... the chick has to be a blonde though for my scene to work...Allie walks in and smiles and then leaves and tells Will that she saw mommy and daddy kissing and then Will goes to Sami about it and its obviously not true, Sami denies it says she was with Ej and hadnt seen Lucas yet for Christmas...but Sami is curious..so she decides to see ehat Allie was talking about...goes to Lucas and as she is asking him a Sami lookalike comes out and Lucas introduces her as...Autumn...a little boy of about a year old comes out and Autumn introduces him as her son Desmond... Desmond Horton....
I could go for everything except for a Sami look alike(and Desmond).I shudder at thought of the smug pitying look Sami would give Lucas and the woman while making remarks about Lucas wanting her so much he looked for a substitute.No thamks to that aspect.The rest of this sounds wonderful especially another son for Lucas.Lucas Horton II perhaps?
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