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Firstly I have to say I'm not sure there is any need for Ridge in the show at this point. The Forrester are nearly phased out, and it's clear that was the intention alla long when they started beefing up the Spencers. Of course, this could prove to work in that if this in fact restores some of the Forrester family, also with the addition of Ally coming along nearly at the same time. Will this mean more storyline for Thomas then?

Not interested in seeing a Ridge/Brooke/Bill triangle, especially when I suspect that BB already has it laid out that Brooke and Bill are now the "it" couple and would win in the end. Which is just ridiculous considering the 25 year history of Brooke and Ridge. Also, the fact that this is a new, unfamiliar actor as Ridge, the audiences won't care about him the same way as with Ronn. Which means the viewers will probably want Brill instead of Bridge. So if they're actually trying to form some sort of triangle, the end result is plain as day. Ridge will be the underdog and Bill (of course) the winner. Now if it were Ronn Moss back as Ridge, then I would actually like to see it happen because it would be sort of new. But not in this cop-out sort of way.

Now as far as the actor Thorsten Kaye goes, I haven't actually seen him act ever, but I've heard very high praise about him from soap bloggers and critics. So I'm sure he's up for the task. Now, after 25 years of being front and center on B&B, we all know that there's going to be lots of complaints anyway, whoever it is as Ridge, because it's a new actor. So I don't think about that as any kind of measure for whether he's successful or not.

However, the person I would have seen best to fill Ridge's shoes would have been Peter Reckell. He could pull off the earring and scarf -wearing, somewhat metrosexual fashion designer, be a leading man, and also charm Brooke's pants off.
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