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Oct 16 2013, 12:01 AM
Oct 15 2013, 10:10 PM
What I enjoyed most about today's show was Freddie Smith, who was finally being allowed to play Sonny as a little bit vulnerable. He was arguably more upset than anybody else (rambling, fumbling with the coffee etc.) and it was nice to see Will doing the comforting for once.

FS' acting style is well-suited for subtlety and I thought he did a lovely job.
I totally agree. Freddie and Chandler were the hilights of the show for me.

They were for me too loved how Sonny was trying to be strong but let his vunerability show. Loved Will concern you could tell he knew how upset Sonny was and he was there for him when he needed him to keep him calm. Loved how it was Will doing the comforting for Sonny this time. Loved the club scene when Sonny got all flustered and Will kept him calm. But I wanted to see more of them and I was hoping that Sonny would have mentioned how he felt when Will got shot and now Chad and have he and Will really comfort eachother. I wanted them to hug or kiss :wub2: after the talk but loved the ending with the both of them with AG that was a nice scene. Need to see more of this with Sonny and Will before Chandler leaves. :-/
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