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I can't fault TK for taking the job and leaving AMC. Right now, unfortunately, there is no AMC to go back to. So I hope that if AMC returns, they tell us that Zach left town to be with Kendall and help her through her heart crisis. There's a happy ending for alot of Zendall fans who felt shafted by AMC's writing for the couple this year. But all this assumes there is an AMC, and right now, I'm not convinced there is one. There's too much silence from PP and all the info we're getting is from TK! Between this interview and his interview with Carolyn Hinsey, he's the only one telling us what's going on. I would like AMC to return whether or not there's a Zach or a TK. But too much time is passing and there's no one from PP or AMC other than TK talking publicly. That can't be good.
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