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Oct 15 2013, 09:07 PM
Oct 15 2013, 08:30 PM
The show is too partitioned. All of the Robin related scenes one day, all of the Morgan/Michael/Kiki/Silas/Ava/Derek stuff the next. I love how connected everything is, but when one set of stories is so much more involving than the other, why not split it up and spread it around?
I had those exact thoughts after watching today's episode. I was thoroughly engrossed in and barely fast forwarded at all through yesterday's show, but today, I did almost nothing but FF. They need to distribute the stories/characters in such a way that, if you're not interested in a particular set, an entire episode isn't basically a wash for you.
This is difficult because the character/people you might find boring, is exciting to others. I enjoyed all of Mondays show as well. Yesterday's show had me fast forwarding Michael and Kiki. Normally I fast forward anything with Morgan, Kiki and Michael but, I have been curious about where they are taking Morgan ever since he got with AVA. I also find Sam and Sillas boring. I dont think they have the necessary chemistry to be an interesting pairing, but they have people who do love them. I think Silas has way more chemistry with AVA.

I liked Carly, Franco and Julian scenes. So, for me, yesterday's show was not all boring. Except for Michael, Kiki, Sam and Silas. If they were to mix it up you might find yourself fast forwarding everyday instead of every other day. Then there are people who like all the characters that you find boring and I find boring and thought yesterday was a great show. You never know.
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