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Oct 16 2013, 07:38 AM
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Oct 15 2013, 05:26 PM
what is wrong with Days writers? Why can't they educate themselves on medical protocol?
Really a doctor walking into the main reception area and announcing a patient status?
Jeez, even layman knows that the doctors ask to speak the patient's next of kin privately and give a status report.

Yep, plus Chad going out of surgery into a room almost immediately. When did they take out his breathing tube?

I'm happy with Chad's progress from shooting victim,to near death/back from the dead,to his room unconscious with everyone coming to talk to him in basically one day.
I don't think I could take much more of Chad clinging to life by a thread with a constant parade of hand wringing visitors and Daniel's furrowed brow while he reassure all that it's in God's hands or some other platitude.Thank God he will be conscious soon so we won't have to listen to any more stupid one way conversations with him.
The fix for that is not to show the surgery. If you can't write and produce a decent, credible, well-acted surgery don't show it. There are ways around it, and they still could have propped Dr. Marty Stu, which seemed to be the point.
They just go from one farcical situation to another from Jennifer's heart/appendix bull,to Rafe's (or someone else's) surgery I think where posters were discussing
Cameron's use of the paddles to restart someone's heart,to Sami's extended jail time/trial,to Chad's surgery.They ideas are not bad,just the execution of those ideas.If they cannot afford to do a scene properly why bother.Just do it off screen then have characters react to it.They could have wheeled Chad into surgery then had more reaction without the "operating room" drama then showed Chad in his room while other characters mention the amount of time that passed between surgery and seeing him in his room.They could have showed Sami in jail for about a week with characters mentioning the passage of time while the other crap played out instead of the rushed ending although I am happy Abe had decent screen time during the reveal.
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