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Sami is profoundly touched by Brady's special request

JJ makes a sudden and most surprising decision

Marlena makes an incredible and shocking discovery in Daniel's office

Jennifer is shocked to find JJ in an unexpected place

A very desperate Nicole makes an attempt to clear her name with Eric

Credit Rogues EJAMI


Monday ("JJ's Decision")
Jennifer is saddened by the belief that Daniel slept with Theresa; JJ makes a shocking decision.

Tuesday ("EJ Blackmails Lucas")
EJ blackmails Lucas; Sami is touched by Brady's request.

Wednesday ("Brady Confronts EJ")
Sami confronts EJ about blackmailing Lucas*; Chad prepares to leave for Boston, and Abigail has a surprise for him.

Thursday ("Kristen is Stunned")
Kristen is stunned by the reason why Eric is angry with Nicole; Marlena makes a shocking discovery in Daniel's office.

Friday ("Flash Drive Fiasco")
Kristen interrupts Marlena before she can nab the flash drive; Jennifer finds JJ in an unexpected place.

*Originally posted as Brady. Sami is correct.

** Update**

Nick is upset that Gabi continues to bond with Cameron.

Maggie confronts Victor about his secret meetings with Marlena.

Before Will departs for Berkeley, he asks Cameron to keep an eye on Gabi.

Someone overhears Daniel and JJ and learns the truth about what's going on.

Nicole tells Daniel about her love for Eric.

Brady is baffled when Eric is furious at him for keeping Nicole’s secret.
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