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Viewing Single Post From: Thorsten Kaye Cast as the New Ridge on B&B!
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Oct 16 2013, 03:56 PM
Oct 16 2013, 08:06 AM
I am a Brooke and Bill fan but not a fan of Bill and Brooke as a couple.. I hope this will end Brill because as much as I love both of these characters, its not right for them to be together. Sometimes I think KKL isn't comfortable with this pairing but she'll tow the company line and do what she's told. Something about the way she is in scenes with him. She and Don have chemistry but Don seems more into it than she is. Its nothing like when she shared scenes with Ronn.

I for one welcome the recast even though I don't have anything against Ronn. I just want Brooke and Bill to end..I think this pairing has hurt the character of Brooke even more than her past transgressions. I want something different for her.
Totally agree with everything you've said Daytime. I've tried to find the appeal of Brill but I agree something is definitely off with Kelly in her scenes with Don. It's nearly painful to watch them together. That said I'm betting Thorsten had to screen test with Kelly before the hire at least I hope so.
I complete agree agree with you but Ridge needs to end Brill once and for all yes Brooke loves Bill but she's not in love with him she's in love with Ridge he will always be in her heart Ridge is Brooke soulmate and they will always get back together no matter who Brooke is with
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