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Oct 16 2013, 11:21 PM
I really hate that Nicole spoiler. Why must they always have her "desperate"? She doesn't owe Eric anything as far as I am concerned. He should know better!
The REAL Nicole we all know and love would never be "desperate" after a person she trusted accused her of rape. Eric going there is just incredibly "Days" at this point. They want the dramatic tension between the two to drive a wedge, and that's fine. We should see angst before a couple actually becomes viable because it builds tension and suspense.

However, It's so "Days" at the moment because it is causing actors to portray roles totally out of character to create the tension. Why not have Nicole fall for someone else temporarily to make Eric wake up and wish he had that collar off of him? Why not make Nicole upset because she is suspicious that Eric is secretly involved with someone else and have her snooping and plotting against someone innocent?

Better yet, have them go on a trip, survive a plane crash, and leave them stranded on an island for a while and fight their feelings? Even if they manage not to make love, have them return from their rescue realizing there are feelings between them and build the sexual tension by 100 fold?

That's not plausible to "Days" writers right now, because they want the easy way out and throw good characterization out the window for a plot point. No one wants desperate Nicole. Everyone wants devious and misunderstood Nicole. No one wants douche bag Eric that jumps to bad conclusions. They want conflicted Eric that is three dimensional. They want to see a son more like Marlena, fighting his feelings out of duty, but willing to give in when the moments right.

One things for certain: We do not want Eric acting like an ass to Nicole, and Nicole acting "desperate" in return. There are so many different options that would be more classic soap, and less damaging to the characters.
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