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Yep, the only thing that will shock me is if JJ does NOT go to Daniel. I figured him finding out that his father was less than perfect was the beginning of him joining the Danial Jonas worship team. He'll probably be calling Orange Glow "Daddy" by Christmas and the pizza/cupcake parties will ensue. :x
But JJ's temper has to flare up just in time for Christmas so that he can shatter Jack's ornament to pieces. Then they can all heal one another by putting Dr. Dayglow's EggBaby ornament next to Jen's.

Oh gawd... that is probably exactly what's coming. Another Merry Christmas FU to JnJ fans. :shame:
A few years ago I would think that could never happen. Now, that scene is actually within the realm of possibility. I swear, sometimes I think this show is trying to alienate it's entire fan base by shoving characters and couples down our throats that we never want together, while destroying characters we love in the process. What in the hell are they thinking?

So yeah, I hope that scenario won't play out, and think and hope they never go that far, but I can see JJ all Daniel crazy by February. He may even stoop down to telling Jennifer that Daniel is like a second father to him. That will happen in time, and when it does I will want to vomit.
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