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Oct 17 2013, 03:56 PM
I never saw problem with girls with steffy or hope
Liam is one that should call out on his mess
Liam kissing steffy while engaged to hope
I still remember when the idiot told hope when he was engaged to steffy
Hope was idiot that she did not ditch Liam for good
Liam bring the worse in hope like when hope chose to go after Liam after steffy lost her baby
Any growth of hope as character end up fall in the begining Liam did the same as character to steffy but later the writing change steffy grow as chcharacter
But hope only change to grow if they keep Liam away from her

The problem is with Hope and her alone. She wants Liam to forget about Steffy, but has no problems with two brothers vying for her attention, makes her the same two face hypocrite, again.
How many times have Lope gotten together only to have Hope throw a temper tantrum, kick Liam to the curb, calm down and decided to take him back, just count how many times they tried to get married.
Hope does not want to be a wife, she wants the fantasy of living in her perfect world where she can do no wrong.
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