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He isn't in the center of the storm yet so we haven't seen anything other than him covering his tracks whereas the others we've seen raw grief played out so realistically it deserves all the praise and admiration anybody including his peers can give. Maybe when they show him grief ridden and going all out then perhaps his peers and the audience will comment on it. Face it, these folks who ARE at the center of the storm are really, really bringing their A Game and God as my Witness I do not understand how anybody can be so self-centered and so self-absorbed they can't even muster up the praise and accolades for these actors but rather pout because it wasn't all about him. That's just the way I'm seeing this right now. Later on, down the road I am sure he will give some great performances but right now he is on the outskirts of the really emotional stuff the rest are buried in.

I'm not knocking his acting chops at all but Lord Mercy he certainly has to know that actors like EH have not been given the opportunity to act their ass off the way she has this last week. After this week I really want her out of the kiddie pool and with the A players. She is a great actress and deserves better material than she has been given up to this point. GR as the step daddy has been wonderful, PB was wonderful and as you well know I really think Billy Miller has earned his Emmy. AH delivered one of the best performances I have ever seen from her and for me that says a lot because I think she always brings her A game. It's all about the material they are given. I am thoroughly convinced of that now. They have a fantastic cast and they need to utilize them and not have them in these silly assed storylines about stealing from Kay, wandering around in a black cat suit, stealing babies, gambling, drinking, kissing daddy's ass, etc.

I hope they realize they have set the bar high now and really do need to utilize these folks in a much different way than have in the past because now we are going to EXPECT it and will settle for nothing less. Hate the storyline but I do really like that it has allowed these amazing performer's to show us what they are made of. :rockon: :rockon:
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