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Adrienne, as a victim of rape herself, should have been more aware of Kayla's feelings.

To this day, I still feel a little cheated that Kayla and Adrienne never had a conversation about it.

Last week, we were watching clips, and Kayla was there after Adrienne's rape. She kind of took care of her...was very careful of her, and very sympathetic.

Adrienne wasn't there for Kayla in the same way...was never there for her at all. Part of that was that Kayla kept it a secret for awhile, but even when it was common knowledge, Adrienne was not there for her.

It makes me sad now when I think about it. They never spoke of it, and they probably never will. If they didn't last week, it probably isn't even in the writers' thoughts at all.

I understand that the reveal was all about JJ. I knew that when I read the spoiler. But I was hoping since it was such a huge event in Kayla's life that she'd get a little more mileage out of it, as the original victim. I would love a scene this coming week that shows that Kayla's off a bit...still preoccupied and upset. Maybe fighting it, but still affected.

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