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Brotherly Love

Oct 20 2013, 09:52 AM
Yeah, and at the family dinner, she's so very oblivious to Kayla's discomfort at Jack's presence. So is Adrienne. She and Jo are practically vibrating with cheer. There's no sensitivity on their parts for what Kayla might be feeling. Yes, Kayla's trying, because Jack has changed, and Kayla knows it, but you can see that it's hard for her. You'd never know it in Jo's gaze or in Adrienne's.

The writing acknowledged it on one front, but they could have done more.

Agreed, and yet still totally in character for Jo. I've been watching the Nick's murder scenes and just got to the reveal scene with Jack. And here she's gone completely the opposite direction, setting aside her own moral judgments about revealing the truth, and all for Steve. It's almost like she sets aside everything good and right because she feels like she failed her oldest baby.

She spends a good amount of time during the course of the show dodging and weaving around telling the truth before Jack confronts her. It's definitely not heroic, but it is very Jo.

I wish it was out there in YT land (I picked it up from the fabulous D2D library). It's a pretty amazing scene, and it makes you realize just how underrated all the supporting cast at Days was (George Jenesky was a powerhouse in this scene with Joy Garrett, too).
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