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Oct 21 2013, 11:10 PM
Oct 21 2013, 07:31 PM
Hope they deal with Bo soon on this show
especially since Peter has no current plans on returning (at least that's the really strong impression he gave in his interview). He didn't even want to be a face seen during the 50th anniversary if that's all they were gonna give him. It kinda sounds like he's bitter about the show.
He knows how iconic Bo & Bope are & how central they are to the show's history. So him not wanting to return for the 50th even for a brief appearance is such a slap in the face to Days fans as a whole.
He also apparently dislikes the way Bo was written out and was disappointed that there was no Emmy opportunity for him during his exit. He said in an interview that Ken told him he wouldn't kill off Bo. If Peter really wanted that Emmy moment, he should've told Ken to do just the opposite and kill Bo in some fashion that would give Peter material, as well as Kristian. (There's no way that Peter could've gotten material without also giving Kristian material if Bo had died as part of Peter's exit.)
I'm going to refrain from commenting on anything else he said in the interview. I'll let people listen to it themselves and create their own thoughts and interpretations of what he said, and didn't say.
I don't blame Peter for feeling bitter. Bo and Hope are not even in their 70's yet (neither are PR and KA) and the show has pretty much cast them aside, treating them as the current Tom and Alice / Doug and Julie. Only to be used as soundboards, props or boring keystone cops. Which I just find so insulting. I mean, even in the SuperCouple heydays, Tom & Alice and Doug & Julie were heavily utilized and had exciting lives of their own, outside of the younger generation.

TIIC these days are too lazy to use their own imagination and can't come up with anything original. They end up ripping off of other shows, past SLs/plots. The show's arrogance towards the fan bases who made their show, alienating them and ignoring their feedback isn't doing the show any favors either.
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