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Oct 22 2013, 02:08 AM
I don't really miss Bo. I just miss Hope being involved in a storyline. I don't see what PR has to be bitter about. Older characters were sidelined when he first came on Days so why does he think he would be treated differently?
It's fitting that you have an avatar of Susan for this post ;)

I get where PR is coming from, but you are right. However, they were also wrong in sidelining Doug and Julie when Bo and Hope came on the scene, so while you're right, I feel like DAYS was wrong in doing that in the first place. That said... I'm not a Bo fan, really. Not since the 80s anyway. I'm not a Bo and Hope fan post-mid 90s (I feel like they ruined them by messing with the characters), I'm not a Princess Gina fan, I don't really like any of those except for Hope... when in character. I miss the sassy thing she used to be before they wrecked it with the Gina crap. I hated that shit, and I feel like they could have done the character right by doing what the original plan was for Marlena in 2007, when they killed John. They were originally planning to have her go a little dark, and they started too, then the story obviously shifted and we got the crap that was year 2008. They could have done that with Hope. Bo dies and Hope goes a little dark. Not like the "Nighttime Hope" crap I've read about that happened when I wasn't following (I stopped after J&M left in 09), but as in... seeks some shady people's help to take down Stefano, or whoever killed him. Give her layers, like these characters used to have. Give her a purpose except to tell JenJen she's righty-right, or to watch Ciara become Kritter 2.0.

Like I said, I see where Peter's coming from, and it wasn't right either time, but it happened, and they effed it up once it did happen, this time.
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