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Oct 22 2013, 06:15 AM
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:shrug: I suppose.
To be honest, I'm surprised Daniel wants to help JJ, considering that they've butted heads since his return.
Pretty sure Daniel's need to be a martyr to everyone trumps everything else.

ETA: I just realized, JJ is probably gonna end up in a twisted love quadrangle with his mother. Has that every happened before?

This is how I see it going down. Theresa tries to hook up with Daniel. Gets blown off. Ends up doing drugs and hooking up with JJ instead. Theresa OD's. JJ calls Daniel in a panic. Martyr Daniel runs to Theresa's to help. JJ begs Daniel not to tell anyone and he promises. Someone from the office later sees Daniel coming out of Theresa's apartment. Later, office gossip abounds. When Theresa returns to work, Ann corners her and asks Theresa if the rumor is true. Theresa rolls with it. Jennifer hears the gossip and confronts Daniel. Daniel admits he was at Theresa's but refuses to explain any further.

Fast forward a few weeks or months. Theresa is pregnant. She knows it's JJs but everyone assumes it's Daniel's. Daniel doesn't know what to say or do because if he admits the truth, both JJ and Theresa could be sent up the river if the truth ever came out.

QUESTION: Could Daniel get in legal trouble for not reporting the overdose to the police?
That is exactly how I see things playing out. I doubt he would get in trouble with the law but in the SOD article it mentions him doing some unethical things to cover up Theresa's OD so he could certainly lose his medical license.
See, now that would suck. If he did that, he'd be adding to the list of "shooting yourself in the foot" sort of things. Like I said, when things finally hit the fan...
I can see it now. Jennifer will be like... :soapbox:
JJ and Theresa will be like... :shithitfan:
And Abigail will be like... :bleep:
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